PROVIDE TV the 24/7 global site and network made up of a Network Channel,  Local Channels and Specialty Channel featuring live news, sports and many programs not available on main stream media on the Network Channel, and programming dedicated to community building, personalities, leaders and businesses on the local and specialty channels.  Involving all members of the community in the decision making process, by using interactive strategies and working together with other communities collectively contributing to the national and global sustainability narrative is big part of our unique brand. Basically, helping communities build digital assets so they can stand on their own, and also contribute to the larger Network Channel.  Helping local businesses thrive by crossing the digital divide.


PROVIDE TV will be an industry leader in creating highly original, HDTV niche content, for distribution on all digital platforms. Embodied in the Company’s “Local-Centric” focus are the lifestyles, personalities and cultural characteristics of select communities throughout the world.

PROVIDE TV's next-generation, unique and compelling programming will enable both domestic and international audiences to experience what it means to be immersed in each geography, drawing from the best of a given city’s sphere of influence – its people, events, places, music, art and history.

The Company will deliver HDTV, On-Demand, interactive and linear content in an innovative, immersive manner substantially differentiated from traditional networks and destination video in both style and substance.

Harris Haith
Co-Founder and Principal

Harris Haith Is A Multi-Award Winning Movie And Television Writer, Producer, Director, And Actor. Produces The Television Series "Young Disciple'​ Currently Airing On The Launch TV Network. (Rated As "One Of The Best Series On The Launch TV Network") - Harris Haith Productions, LLC Is Part Of Universal Music Group. Author Of The Book '​'Growing Up Laughing With Eddie Murphy'​'​ Which Was Used In The Making Of '​'Biography - Eddie Murphy'​'​ By The A&E Television Network. Harris Haith Was The Keynote Speaker At The 2012 American Association Of Kidney Patients Annual Dinner In Atlanta, GA. Harris Haith Is The Former Manager Of The 2 Time Super-Middleweight Champion Of The World Steve '​'Lightning'​'​ Little Of Reading, PA (1994 -2000). Harris Haith Is An Honored Alumni Of Weist-Barron-Ryan Acting School Of New York (Atlantic City, NJ). A Partner Of The United Nations - (FESMAN) Festival Of The Black Fine Arts Program. Creator Of '​'The Stealth Men'​'​ Super Hero's - Launched At The 2014 New York City Comic Con. (Like Us On Facebook) - Founder And Chairman Of "GOSPELTHON"​ Annual Free Gospel And Food Festival (2009) - Founder And CEO Of Total Life Harvest Charities (2010)............"World Champions Against Bullying" In Partnership With The WBC (World Boxing Council) Cares Program./ Creator, Founder, CEO - Global Fan Draft, LLC, Sports And Entertainment Mobile Applications, In Association With Clearly Innovative Inc. Writer, Co-Producer, Co-Director "Land Of The Legendary" Roosevelt, Strong Island NY - WINNER OF THE "BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY" AT THE 2016 ATLANTIC CITY CINEFEST FILM FESTIVAL.

Frank Melli
Co- Founder and Principle

Frank Melli has spent over the last three decades working for New York-based TV broadcast operations. Recently his lens is focussing Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman.  Melli is now producing and editing new shows airing here on Provide TV as well as on Free Speech TV.

A current documentary about Teaneck NJ, soon to be on Provide TV, is about connecting the local food dots from a food pantry perspective. This has been part of the

Sustainable Agricultural series Meet THe Farmer TV and focuses on aspects of community food systems.  Melli as always organized two film festivals happening in Brazil the first week of August 2018, showing some TV Specials highlighting the efforts of indigenous leaders involved with climate change. Meet The Farmer TV, (now in 123rd episode), which Melli founded with farmer Michael Clark, showcases the stories of local growers and other food producers, chefs, organizations and the markets they serve.  Co-Producer, Co-Director with Harris Haith on: "Land Of The Legendary" Roosevelt, Strong Island NY - WINNER OF THE "BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY" AT THE 2016 ATLANTIC CITY CINEFEST FILM FESTIVAL and moderated by Bill McCreary.  The Climate Change Specials are part of Frank's ongoing collaboration with the United Nations. 

Melli also partnered with Global University System and the NYC Board of Education to demonstrate e-learning.  Frank has lectured at Queens College and taught media literacy and live video production at I.S. 5 in NYC.

Beginning in 2010 Harris Haith Productions, LLC aka HHP Content Has Won A Total Of 7 Film Festival Awards In 3 Different Categories including Comedy, Drama, And Feature Length Documentaries.

HHP Has A Movie And Music Distribution Deal With Universal Music Group, And Also A Music Production Partnership With Grammy Award Winner Skip Martin. 

‎In 2012 HHP Acquired A Production Agreement To Record At P Diddy's "Daddy's House Studios" in NYC To Co-Produce Gospel Videos And Music For Recording Artist Nucci. Reyo Through It's Subsidiaries "Cataclysmic Motion Pictures," And "Cataclysmic Praise Records."

Currently HHP Produces The Top Rated ‎Series "Young Disciple" On The Launch TV Network.

In 2016 HHP Signed A Long Term Production Partnership Agreement With (Frank Melli's) Melli Productions for Multiple Movie And Television Projects, Including "The New McCreary Report" Featuring Emmy Award Winning journalist Bill McCreary, And The Forming Of The Live Streaming And On Demand "PROVIDE Empowerment ‎TV Network."

Melli Productions
Media for a Sustainable Future
Videos of caring people part of something bigger then themselves.

In the 90's Melli pioneered a series of interactive town hall meetings involving viewers in debates. Participants Jimmy Carter and Al Gore noted the influence these broadcasts had on influencing the Bush administration by keeping them from further watering down the international treaties of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

Melli is also an award winning producer for his work on environmental issues with EnviroVideo awards for documentaries “Three Mile Island Revisited” and “Nukes In Space.” Frank also worked with homeless children at Sidewalks of NY Productions helping these children to win video festivals, get internships, jobs and even scholarships. Frank and these high risk troubled youth were featured on the McCreary Report.

In 2002, Frank Melli co-produced “One Child One Voice.” In affiliation with the United Nations, Melli coordinated international satellite distribution, broadcasting the program globally 8 times for the United Nation’s Johannesburg Conference on Sustainable Development. He also coordinated the marketing and distribution of these broadcasts to over 3,000 TV stations in over 110 counties. In 2003, this program was nominated for an Emmy Award and won a total of 39 awards altogether.


Since 1987, Franks works with the natives defending the Brazilian rainforest is an ongoing long term process to which Melli continues to dedicate his life. He created a Kayapo Legal Defense Fund and a Kayapo Scholarship Fund in which, the 1st Kayapo law student (soon to be Esq.) graduated last year.


He was the technical director / director and edited 62 yoga videos in India to show the medical benefits of yoga and continues to consult with Integral Yoga Institute and as is currently full time as a TV broadcast engineer/technical director and TV editor to WPIX/Tribune in NYC.


Frank brings tremendous skills in Production, Editing, Media Management and LiveStreaming, as well as NonProfit Development and Business Management and wonderful experience with indigenous and entertainment relationships.