Sample Programs, Videos and Live Events  

"The New McCreary Report" hosted by the two time Emmy Award winning Bill McCreary.  This program is a follow up to the McCreary Report and is about what is going on in America and the world and how we should look at it, as people.


Land of the legendary: Roosevelt Strong Island, NY is an award winning documentary having won Best Feature Documentary in the 2016 Atlantic City Cinefest Film Festival.  Now the documnetary is spinning off so much more so stay tuned.   Click here to visit the Official Documentary Site. 


Live Concerts and Events  Interfaith Concert for World Peace Melli Productions produced for the Integral Yoga Inst.  NYC.

Where Food  Is The Common Denominator. Teaneck Farmer's Market  on this episode of Meet The Farmer TV: Food from the Farm to the Plate.

Will Allen, a former pro basketball player, is the number one urban farmer in the world.  Find out why and how you can replicate what he teaches on this 98th episode of Meet The Farmer  TV.  

"The FOREMAN BOXING MAGAZINE"  is hosted by Roy Foreman, and brings you the best from the boxing world like no one else can.  As an insider, Roy managed his brother George Foreman.  Roy is an amazing TV host and delivers to you, that "insiders view" in an unprecedented format, unlike any other boxing world show.

Elie Y. Katz's Teaneck Tid-Bits" 101

Deputy Mayor,  Teaneck New Jersey (Sample of  Community Building)

Michelle Obama on at the White House Farmers Market on sustainable agriculture series Meet The Farmer TV.  Now in it's 121st  episode.

WEACT.ORG  for environmental justice on this episode of Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman.  This Harlem and Wash. D.C. organization is a national leader dealing with environmental racism.  This is on going TV series also distributed on Free Speech TV via Dish Network, direcTV, and over 200 Cable TV channels and also on the web.

Al Gore, Sting and many others ,on this "Climate Change Special" Trailer for Documentary