PROVIDE TV is proud to offer the ability to affordably record your video podcast or TV show, or other video, from our newly upgraded

TV studio!

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"Melli Productions and Provide TV Local Teaneck Channel provide a much needed outlet for our community.  Our residents have access to local stories that are taking shape in our community.  This digital platform that provides us with a great inexpensive and effective way of reaching our audience .  What makes it even better is that that Mr Melli is a resident of Teaneck and is invested in the needs and concerns of our residents .  I am grateful to have Provide Tv in Teaneck."

- - Jeremy Lentz Exec Dir. TIFF  (Teaneck Int'l Film Festival)

"Frank has filmed our Teaneck Farmers’ Market beautifully. He interviews our farmers and vendors – and captures their passion for their enticing produce and food. Just recently interviewed Marlo Gruber, who owns and developed a vegetarian juice made from purple Peruvian corn, called Pure Potential Power Juices. We also have many entertainment and wellness events at the Market, and Frank conveys the care, the laughter, and the involvement, helping us communicate that the Market is a delightful resource for our community." 

- - Margaret Gottlieb Aaker, Teaneck Farmers Market Manager

"You may already be familiar with the "Teaneck Independent", "Jewish Standard", Jewish Link NJ" "Northern Valley Suburbanite", "WFDU-FM 98.1 Radio", and perhaps various others, they each have their niche but did you know that Teaneck has one other media outlet?  Melli Productions and Provide TV is a local Teaneck TV on-line channel providing our community with Teaneckcentric stories and information. Together with the other news outlets, Melli Productions has the community covered.  Frank Melli, is a Teaneck resident. Working with him you will see his passion in what he does and if you have not yet seen some of the material he has already compiled and broadcast from various Teaneck Organizations you do not know what you are missing.  Get to see names, faces and voices of familiar Teaneck folk. A way to get the word out about your business, your organization, your events. When we say that Teaneck is a diverse community, it truly is! Right down to the media and right here at home. Please reach out to Frank, visit Provide TV (,

Call: (201) 282-0785 e-mail:"

- - Larry Bauer, President Teaneck Chamber of Commerce.

"Where Food Is The Commarkeron Demoninator" -- Lizette Parker
FDU Green Team's Earth Day Event
Taste of Teaneck  - Teaneck Rotary Club Event